The Thar Desert

The desert cities of Jodhpur and Jaisalmer located in the heart of the mighty Thar in the north- western entices of the country provides for elaborate vistas full of endless undulating sand-dunes and is dotted by very few stunted scrubs and vegetation. Yet the starkness of this desolate place is almost compensated beautifully by the bright colours adorned by its very people. While men wear bright turbans, women are bedecked in elaborate ‘odhnis’.

Few experiences in India would leave you as spellbound and gratified. To see communities exist in such symphony despite the desert terrain amidst little greenery, not only makes you learn to appreciate life in every little morsel but is also perhaps the most humbling experience.

Glamping in the Dunes

Experience the beauty of the everlasting, endless and uncontrived life in the desert. Beyond the ancient cities of Jodhpur and Jaisalmer lie the magic and beauty of the wind-swept, undulating and unforgiving dunes of the great Thar desert.

Unwind and embrace in the warmth of beautiful canvas tents artfully fabricated to remind you of the royal Mughal retinue, nestled in unbridled wilderness. The entire set-up is reminiscent of the caravans that once traversed on the age old silk route. Embrace the alluring hues of the desert people and bask in the poetic sunset during your enchanting stay in the oasis of exclusivity.

The grandness and opulence of it all coming together in the form of white glove service and orderlies extracting even the minutest of details in such barren wild.

The Desert People

Tread beyond the life of extravagance, beyond the palaces and forts of Rajasthan and into the wilderness. Explore the rural side of Rajasthan on a safari and connect with local communities and desert tribes that have remained protectors and guardians of nature since the fold of time.

Experience an off-road desert adventure showcasing traditional villages, colourful people, authentic cuisine, ancient customs, nature & wildlife. This is a perfect opportunity to meet the Bishnoi community of Rajasthan, the original green warriors, tree huggers and natural born conservationists making them one of the most ecologically relevant orders of today.

Dining Under the Stars

Far removed from the chaos of the world, enjoy a night under a blanket of stars, sipping on madeira and listening to the heart rendering songs of the desert folk. While the music floats and the stars shine down, there is absolutely nothing that comes close to this romanticism.

What is more, you can enjoy the rich culinary traditions of travellers, olden recipes passed down from father to son, a treasure trove of lavish dishes, each dish more elaborate than the last.

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