The Beaches

The Indian sub-continent has some of the best-rated beaches in the world- from the golden sands of Goa to the pristine white sands of Sri Lanka, you are invariably spoilt for choices. We design your incentives for a sun-drenched coastal experience, natural exploration and blissful seclusion. These beach retreats against the backdrop of beautiful coconut palms, swathe of pristine sand and sea- facing suites in exotic resorts make for a perfect getaway in the lap of age-old traditions and undiscovered countryside. There are close to ten beaches in India alone that enjoy the prestigious blue-tag certification awarded by the Foundation of Environment Education in Denmark (FEE).

The Pearl of the Orient – Goa

Amidst the baroque architecture, crumbling forts, colourful catholic ceremonies, and stunning cathedrals lie the beautiful stretch of golden-sand beaches, swaying palms and clear blue waters.

The region is still redolent of its rich Portuguese history and carries an indelible cultural mark of a bygone era. Goa is every reveller’s paradise, dotted with stunning hotels and beach-side shacks, it offers endless dining options, lively bars and nightclubs and plays host to the Goa Carnival and the Sun Burn music festival, making the region the true party capital of the country. Not to forget, Goa is home to some of the most exotic and splendid beach-side resorts, equipped with the most spectacular venues to host special events, offering unique themes and unmatched levels of service.

The Fishing Hamlet – Marari

No matter how chaotic life may seem, the fishing hamlet of Mararikulam, located just an hour’s drive from Kochi, is perhaps your best holistic retreat in this part of the world, lined with swaying coconut palms and miles of white sandy beaches to relax, kick back and recuperate.

The local fisherfolk here are warm, hospitable, and always ready to welcome you into their homes. Experience your moments of transcendence as you aimlessly walk down the beach, or laze around under a tree, dip your feet in a cold lotus pond with tiny fishes, or ‘hammock in the air’ on a breezy day like you just don’t care.

The Malabar Touch – Bekal

The northern part of Kerala even today remains largely untouched by travellers. This verdant side of the country is home to Kerala’s largest fort- Fort Bekal. The architecture and the history behind the fort make it an important part of our heritage. This is a perfect chance to immerse yourself in the culture of the region, visit the many rubber plantations, coir workshops, and deep dive into the well- guarded secrets of the Mappila cuisine passed down from one generation to another across the Malabar coastline.

The Eastern Coastline

The eastern coastline of India is much sparsely populated than its western counterpart making some of its beaches one of the most idyllic and picturesque in the country.

The Covelong beach which is approximately 25 miles from Chennai is known for its clear sands and its famous surf school making Covelong India’s first surf village. The beach is accessible to you when driving along the coast from Chennai to the ancient shore temples of Mahabalipuram.

On the other hand, Mahabalipuram defies the traditional concept of a beach destination. It is an architectural marvel with some of the most prolific rock-cut sculptures from the 8th-century era. Exquisite monolithic chariots and caves add a bewitching charm to this unique beach.

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The Tear-Drop Island – Sri Lanka

The tear-drop island nation of Sri Lanka is known not only for its fragrant spices, pruned tea estates but also the serene and golden-hued palm-lined sand beaches.

The more popular south coast of the island is known for its fascinating medley of landscapes, historic colonial towns, wildlife, rich paddy fields not far from the gleaming untouched beaches backed by palm trees, a patchwork of gardens and mangosteen orchards. From strolling through the cobbled streets of the 16 th century Galle Fort to visiting the most expensive species of tea plantation in the world- the Virgin White tea and witnessing the majestic blue whale and the spinner dolphins just off the coast of Mirissa, the south coast has a lot to offer.

The east coast of Sri Lanka, in particular, the beach destinations of Passikuda and Trincomalee are slowly gaining repute for their virgin beaches and a string of breath-taking resorts along the coast. Participate in a game of beach volleyball or dive into the aquamarine waters for a snorkelling session or take a tour to explore the natural deep-water harbour of Trincomalee that had once attracted thousands of seafarers. What is more, the east coast of Sri Lanka is just a couple of hours’ drive from the heart of the island, home to the ancient, but now abandoned cities of Polonnaruwa and the Lion Rock fortress of Sigiriya, another man-made wonder of the world.

stays we love

Stays personally recommended by our Incentive experts.