Solo Travel

The feeling of ultimate freedom that solo travel gives is unmatchable and it is literally the epitome of self-discovery and indulgence. It allows you to explore the world on your own terms, make new friends, explore your own strength, and live many unforgettable moments. India and her neighbours are the perfect blend of heritage, culture, nature, and spirituality that lets you replenish body, mind, and soul. We specialise in creating exclusive immersive experiences for people who love to explore the new and unknown. We understand that safety is paramount when travelling alone, and it is one of the deciding factors while choosing a destination. That is why, we are committed to ensuring your safety from the moment you arrive until you bid adieu with nothing but pleasant memories.

Varanasi – Sacred Goddess Walk

In many Banaras streets and alleys, the temples and ponds of the divine Devi, the sacred feminine, occupy a place of unique prominence. This tour breaks away from the more frequently visited routes and go deeper into the spiritual topography of the sacred feminine. Beginning at the hidden Kamakhya Devi temple, travel from Devi to Yogini, Matrika to Mahavidhya, eventually entering a spectacular Lakshmi temple pond complex. From there meander towards the riverside, visiting shrines highlighting female deities of light & beauty, as well as danger & disease. The tour ends near the main embankment of the Ganges River, the largest personification of Devi, the Mother Ganga.

Kathmandu – A Night in a Monastery

Spend a night in the monastery of the Kathmandu Valley to immerse yourself deeply in the daily life of Buddhist monks. Remotely situated in the hills, the monastery and its 250 monks will host you for a memorable stay. Enjoy the meals with them in the canteen and attend the prayers sessions.

The remoteness of the place and the lively ambience of all the young monks living together add to the constant panoramic view on the mountain and makes this experience absolutely unique.

Jodhpur – Truck Painting Experience

When a traveler comes to India, there are some everlasting souvenirs which stay in mind like the busy streets, the constant flow of people…and the trucks! Trucks in India are as colorful as rainbows and very quirky. ​
They all have a mix of Gods’ representation, animals, signs of all kinds and even some information such as the legendary “Horn Please” on the back of the trucks or “Use dipper at night” and many such…​

Meet one of these artists – probably the best one. Raja, a professional truck-painter for the past 30 years will meet you in one of the trucks depot of the blue city where he and his team transform classic trucks on real rolling art work. ​
During this exciting experience, you will help Raja to complete his work and chat with him to understand a little more the tricks of this particular art over a cup of tea.

After that, when on the road, we bet you will scrutinize these trucks with a different eye!