Seeking Sustainability

Caring for our planet is the need of the hour and tourism can play an important role in this endeavour. This ethos has touched numerous travellers who are making conscious choices while on holiday. We have also taken a firm commitment towards building a sustainable future in tourism and have developed a six degree criteria to measure the sustainability of experiences offered by us. We offer you a selection of some of our top sustainable immersive offerings that will greatly enrich your journey. From meeting women artists from a nomadic tribe in Sandur, to understanding Rajasthan’s water wisdom; from helping preserve traditional architecture in Alleppey, to discovering the industrial side of one of the largest slums in the world; our selection of sustainable experiences speaks to the conscious traveller in you.

Agra – Kachhpura Walk​

The Emperor of Stars and Planets​

It is believed that Mughal Emperor Humayun made major decisions based on the planetary movements. In fact, he even went as far as dressing himself and his ministers in colors associated with certain planets on certain days. The ancient village of Kachhpura is home to Gyarah sidi or eleven steps – an astrological observatory commissioned by Humayan.​

”On the Kachhpura Walk join a youth from the local community to visit this and other monuments of Mughal Era in a rural setting against the backdrop of the Taj Mahal. The proceeds go towards funding of various welfare works in the area.

Chitwan – Unnati Cultural Village

The Unnati Cultural Village in Chitwan is a social enterprise that aims to preserve Nepal’s age-old traditions, art and craft through the revival of cottage industries and indigenous livelihood practices. Spread across approximately 54,180 square meters, the Unnati Cultural Village is built around the idea of housing artists and hosting residencies, exhibitions, and events. It intends to replicate a similar facility and art space in all the seven provinces of Nepal. The Day Trip to Unnati Cultural Village in Chitwan is a fantastic insight into this social enterprise’s passion for Nepali Heritage and their initiatives to revive various forms of traditional arts, crafts, cuisines and more.

The Sufi Connection – Nizammudin Basti & Sundar Nursery With Aga Khan Trust​

Mystics, Saints and Music​

A musical Sufi tradition, Qawwali aids spiritual union with god through music. This tradition took roots in present-day India and Pakistan in the 13th century. Performed live by a group of singers taking turns to sing, a Qawwali composition can last anywhere between 15-30 minutes. The longest known Qawwali is known to be 2 hours long!​

Join your host from the 700-year-old Nizamuddin Basti to revel in the Mystic Sufi traditions and shrines as you weave your way through the Basti. End your walk at the lovingly restored Sunder nursery, a 20th century garden dotted with medieval structures on The Sufi Connection Tour.​

Alleppey – Preserve Alleppey​

The Port-Pourri​

Did you know, Alleppey is the only planned town in Kerala. Built as a port in 1776 for the erstwhile Travancore state, the unique feature of this town is the two canals connecting the backwaters to the sea. Being a trading port, the Diwan of the state invited people from all over India to settle and carry on trade. Today, Alleppey retains the remnants of its rich multi-cultural past.”

Take a walk with a member of an all-women team, to explore this and much more on the Preserve Alleppey tour.