Nature & Wildlife

Nature has magnificent healing powers if left alone – it heals each and every particle present in the ecosystem. In the modern day world nature trails are like oasis in the hot and dry desert providing much needed relief to the overly urbanised, technology driven man. They can rejuvenate and revitalize man to the core. To reap the benefit fully, we have to endeavour to undertake nature trails at regular intervals. We offer nature trails through various ecosystems in our country that will both delight you and give you a sense of healing.​

Chambal – Sailing on the Chambal River​

The Curse of River Chambal

The legend has it that River Chambal was earlier called Charmanvati since it had originated from the blood of thousands of animals sacrificed by a ruthless king wanting supreme powers. According to another legend, Draupadi – a character in the Indian epic Mahabharata who was wife to the Pandavas, cursed anyone who would drink water of this river. It is believed that due to that curse River Chambal has survived unpolluted till now with many of its animal inhabitants thriving in its waters relatively unharmed. The cleanest of all, Chambal River is a haven for countless wildlife! ​
Sailing on the Chambal River provides spectacular opportunities to view the aquatic wildlife of this region. The calm and gentle waters of the Chambal River are perfect for a river safari.​

Thekkady – Spices and Other Stories​

The Spice Route​

When trade with the Romans was at its zenith, Black pepper – a vine grown abundantly in Kerala, took the Roman kitchens by storm. This simple shrivelled corn became so sought after that it was being traded in exchange for gold which is why it came to be known as “Black Gold”. It was spices that brought explorers from world over to the shores of India and specifically Kerala.​

Spices and Other Stories takes you to the aromatic spice plantations in the heart of the spice land where you meet people whose aspirations are pinned on the Spices they grow.

Sundarbans – The Jungle Nama Trail​

The Legend of Bon Bibi​

Everywhere you go in the Sundarbans, stories of the benign forest goddess Bon Bibi and her warrior brother Shah Jongoli are never too far away. Their nemesis Dakhin Rai known to appear as ferocious tiger with earth shattering roars is always on the lookout for humans that unwittingly stray into his territory. Witness a local form of dance drama performed regularly in the villages that seamlessly blend legends with prayers to the goddess for protection.

On the Jungle Nama trail inspired by author Amitav Ghosh’s adaptation of the lore of Bon Bibi and Dakhin Rai you also get a glimpse into the communal harmony and peaceful cohabitation of man and animal in the mangroves of Sundarbans.