Ancient Indian art in the form of sculptures and murals was always almost religious in theme. Depiction of Gods, Goddesses and celestial beings was essential in Temple Art form. ​

The coming of the Muslim invaders in particular brought new influences like repetitive geometric and floral motifs, spatial dimensions and narratives. Miniature art too was introduced during this time leading to the emergence of major schools like the Pahari, Kangra, Kishangarh and other Rajasthan schools. Religious parables, folk tales, mythology, eroticism as well as the lives of common men and women all started to find expression in this new form.​

Similarly, in other art forms we see a confluence of cultures. Whether it is the classical dance or music, folk dance & music, tribal art forms or popular culture art forms, over a period of time they carry with them influences of the visitors and settlers.​

Kochi – Demystifying Kathakali​

Kathakali with a Healthy Twist

Think about Kerala and this iconic image of a Kathakali dancer immediately comes to everyone’s mind. Kathakali has over 1000 Mudras and each Mudra (ritual hand gesture) has a specific health benefit. When performed in the daily rigour of life, it could result in immense benefit to our health. Accomplished Kathakali dancers can move their eyeballs in 17 different ways, their eyebrows in 8 different ways, and their eyelids in another eight. Scenes from Indian epics and mythology are the themes for the dance.​

In our Demystifying Kathakali experience, meet a Kathakali dance maestro and get introduced to the world of Mudras or ritual hand gestures

Varanasi – Music Experience

The Many Moods of Benaras Gharana​

The Gharanas are traditional style of teaching and performing Indian classical music. In 2015, UNESCO recognized Varanasi as the “City Of Music” famous for its classical “Benaras Gharana.” This Gharana has imbibed the best from many beautiful musical traditions including Dhrupad, Chhand geet, Thumri, Khyal and Khajri. The blending of all these elements makes it stand out from other gharanas. Great Thumri singers singing their unique lilting style of Khyal on the waters of the river Ganges at sunrise and sunset immortalised the Banaras Gharana. ​

Enjoy an exclusive Music Experience with artists from the Benaras Gharana and get an insight into the history of classical music and instruments they play.