The architectural wonders of India include more than 20 World Heritage sites and there are hundreds more that make one wonder why they are not listed. More than 4000 years of history can be read in her art and architecture. This section will take one through a journey that will illustrate the many facets of Indian architecture, the symbolism in the ornamentation, the details of planning. Experience the tides of Indian history from the 20th century AD to 2nd century BC.

How each visitor, invader, trader or migrant influenced the rich fabric of her culture, art and architecture and gave it a new hue. The composite mishmash that exists today has hundreds of influences beautifully adopted by a generous welcoming community.

Delhi – 1000 Years of Architecture

History unfolds before your eyes as you stroll through the extraordinary riches scattered throughout Delhi’s Lodhi Garden and Mehrauli Archaeological Park. The magnificent monuments are the perfect way to understand the evolution of architectural styles from uneasy `synthesis of early Indo-Islamic styles to the refinement of arches, inlay, and latticework found in Zafar Mahal, the last Mughal monument, and the beginnings of colonial aesthetics.

From the pre-Islamic architecture at Qila Rai Pithora, Indo-Islamic style at Lodhi gardens to the Indo-Saracenic buildings of Delhi get acquainted with 1000 years of Delhi Architecture in a day.

Auroville – A New City for the Future

Harmony with the world and nature is central to the architecture of Auroville, an experimental international community founded for and by the people from all over the world. They exhibit a multitude of artistic expressions from treatment of spaces, geomancy to symbolism. The buildings feature eco-friendly climate responsive designs, experimental materials, and most importantly harmony with their natural surroundings.

Spend A Day in Auroville with a native of this community for 3 generations to know more about the creators and conservators of art, crafts, and skilled handicrafts within Auroville.