the leaders

Leaders take people where they want to go. Great leaders take people where they don’t necessarily want to go, but ought to be.

—Rosalynn Carter

team incentives

A Peoples person, always ready for a good drink! Karan's passion for the destinations is infectious. A Sri Lankan at heart, its his favourite holiday spot.

Karan Varma

The Buddha of the team, who rely on him completely. Loves cooking and is passionate about Nepal. A self proclaimed polyglot !

Devarshi Thapa

The team fondly calls him Baba B.B. as he is the king of information on just about any topic in India. Expert Yoga practioner and an avid gardner. Resourceful and innovative.

Bharat Bhushan

Dedicated to work, soft spoken and ever so helpful in true spirit of a Sikh.

Harmeet Singh

Our French speaking Diva with a commitment to work

Srishti Satwani

His energy is infectious and his meticulousness enviable

Lalit Kakkar

Believes in the philosophy of STAY CALM & KEEP GOING.

Ramesh Chandra

international offices

team leisure

Adaptive and curious! Nature and animal lover.

Deepika Thapa

Meticulous in work and ever so dependable!

Rashmi Gupta

Easy going & fun loving with a network of resourcefulness, cricketer par excellence!

Sameer Sualeh

Knowledgeable with good sense of humour.

Alok Pandey

Ever smiling helper of helpers

Bhawna Khatri

Quick-witted and our very own fashionista

Bakhtawar Khan

Tech freak!

Karan Singh

Organised and Creative

Kuldeep Panwar

team guides

team leisure

Meticulous is his middle name

Mithlesh Kandwal

Always learning new things and our foremost negotiator.

Ashwinder Singh

Tech buff with great patience levels that we are all envious of.

Anupam Khare

A people's person and dedicated to work.

Mohammad Khalid

A traditionalist and a committed member of the team.

Sahil Mittal

Our Finanace backbone, no bills are passed without his knowledge!

B.S. Rawat

Ambassador of fitness with moto health is wealth. Punctuality is his key trait.

Jonathan Lawrence

Dependable, thorough & focused.

Mayank Verma

A great cook and famous amongst the team mates for her rum cake recipes.

Oshin Massey

Nothing skips Neha as her eye for detail is impeccable.

Neha Soni

Always smiling, Self-motivated.

Ritika Gupta

Specific to rules, no shortcuts. Person with a golden heart, friend’s friend.

Prateek Srivastava

Born Leader who is creative and Flexible.

Sahil Taneja

Calm & cool, no hurry, accuracy comes first.

Paras Maity

Cool and calm, his experience speaks

Himanshu Joshi

humility personified

Sushil Thakur

team chauffeur

customer support team